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May 12, 2016

Your overall health and fitness often determines how much physical energy you have and how sharp your mental focus will be. How we feel determines our attitude toward everything we do and our attitude influences our actions, or inactions. It’s a tremendous feeling to be energetic, healthy, fit and focused.

It’s always better when your emotions are more up than down and you also transfer a vibrant and positive energy force to others. When you feel good, you tend to spread that feeling toward others.

But as the saying goes, "You can't out-train bad nutrition"....

Health and fitness don't always go hand in hand, and as martial artists we need to keep tabs on both. But finding a starting place can be challenging without a guide, so in this episode we delve into some personal experiences with figuring out how to eat right. 

From the importance of martial discipline to the blueprint of the "Whole 30", we catch up on some of the successes we've seen and tools we've used to stay on top of eating right. 

Apr 7, 2016

Lately we've been receiving a lot of messages about safety in training, so we've dedicated this podcast to the question of how, when and why to manage a rough training session. Sometimes it's the partner you have...sometimes it's something more. Listen in as Glick and Dunn discuss strategies for handling hard training, and why the myth that "only hard training is real training" just doesn't hold water. 

Apr 4, 2016

Join us for a look back at the landscape of the martial arts beginning in the early 1960s through the eyes (and voice) of a legend. Ranging from such topics as overtraining ("bad training") to surviving childhood to innovations borne of necessity, this interview captures a half-century of martial arts with a true master. 

In the early sixties, Sifu began studying Fu Jow Pai in New York's Chinatown. He went on to earn the rank of Sai Chuon (Fourth Degree Blackbelt), the highest rank the Grandmaster has ever awarded a student. He also studied with, and later taught kickboxing for, Shotokan Karate Master Toyotaro Miyazaki. He is best known for holding World Champion titles over a 23-year period from 11 professional kickboxing organizations in 4 different weight divisions: Featherweight, Super Featherweight, Lightweight, and Super Lightweight.